Making a reservation at Weda Reef & Rainforest Resort and/or Divers Lodge Lembeh is easier than your daily shopping! Just send an email to: or with any question you might have, check in date, check out date, needed transfers, how many days you want to dive, go birding or do other activities and preferred payment. And we will send you an offer/invoice for your booking.

Except from a few high quality travel agencies, we do not cooperate with any online-booking agency. Please let us know if you prefer to make your reservation through an agency and we will advise you accordingly.

Although you are very welcome to contact us “last minute” we only can guarantee you a room and your preferred programs if you have booked and fully paid in advance. Please read our Reservation & Payment Policy.

In general, money transfers, within European countries, can be made without any or very little costs. If you use the BIC code when transferring your (down) payment to our account in the Netherlands, there should not be an extra transfer fee. Transferring money from countries outside the E.U. sometimes is very expensive. In that case, we advise you to use your Credit Card to make an “offline” money transfer. There is no surcharge. Finally, you can also pay through PayPal. But we have to charge 4,5% extra for this way of payments. Money transfers from within Indonesia and from some neighboring countries can be best made in IDR to our Indonesian IDR account. Please inform us in which currency and in which way you would like to make the payment and we will send you the proper bank details.

For any additional costs, at Divers Lodge Lembeh you can pay by bank transfer, cash (EUR/USD/IDR) or by Credit Card (VISA and MasterCard). At our Weda reef and rainforest Resort you only can pay cash in EUR, USD or IDR and offline Credit Card payment. For USD cash: preferably 100 USD notes, not older than 2009, without any marks, absolutely undamaged and unfolded, otherwise they will – for some strange reason – not be accepted by the local banks.

*Please note that all our rates are in IDR (Indonesian Rupiah). For your convenience, we mention on our website the approximate prices in EUR and USD . These EUR and USD prices are based on the currency exchange rates of 15 August 2015. For our offer or invoice we send you, we will use the exchange rates of that day, as published on : BankMandiri Exchange Rates under “buy”.

We strongly recommend that all guests take out travel and dive insurance prior to travelling to Indonesia.


Eco Bungalows at Weda Reef and Rainforest Resort
Have a look at the Bungalow Gallery for more images of our eco-bungalows.

Full-board accommodation, including:
All meals, cold/hot drinking water, tea, coffee, snacks, taxes. Wireless Internet access at the restaurant (not reliable and slow) and cell-phone coverage (Telkomsel and partners only). Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, hair conditioner and anti-mosquito spray in your bungalow.
We offer a free laundry service and a fresh towel in your bathroom and
on your dive boat every day.

One-room bungalow
(bathroom 2.00 x 3.00 m, room 4.00 x 5.00 m, terrace 4.00 x 5.00 m)

  • Double Occupancy:  IDR 1.125.000/EUR 75*/USD 82,50* per night/person
  • Single Occupancy:    IDR 1.425.000/EUR 95*/USD 105* per night/person

Two-room bungalow
(bathroom 2.00 x 3.00 m, two rooms of each 4.00 x 5.00 m, terrace 4.00 x 5.00 m. (Rooms are connected but each has its own entry and a door to shared bathroom)

  • 2 persons  IDR 1.275.000/EUR 85*/USD 95* per night/person
  • 3 persons  IDR 1.125.000/EUR 75*/USD 82,50* per night/person
  • 4 persons   IDR 975.000/EUR 65*/USD 72* per night/person



Manado – Weda Resort – Manado, via Ternate

  • Double:     IDR 3.750.000/EUR 250*/USD 278*/person
  • 3 persons: IDR 3.300.00/EUR 220*/USD 244*/person
  • Single:       IDR 5.250.000/EUR 350*/USD 389*

  • Flight ticket Manado – Ternate and return
  • Car transfer Ternate Airport – Ternate jetty and return
  • Speedboat transfer Ternate Jetty – Sofifi and return
  • Car transfer Sofifi – Weda Resort and return
Ternate – Weda Resort – Ternate

  • Double:     IDR 1.950.000/EUR 130*/USD 144*/person
  • 3 persons: IDR 1.500.000/EUR 100*/USD 111*/person
  • Single:       IDR 3.450.000/EUR 230*/USD 255*

  • Car transfer Ternate Airport – Ternate jetty and return
  • Speedboat transfer Ternate Jetty – Sofifi and return
  • Car transfer Sofifi – Weda Resort and return
Manado – Weda Resort – Manado, via Kao (Tobelo)

  • Double:     IDR 3.750.000/EUR 250*/USD 278*/person
  • 3 persons: IDR 3.300.00/ EUR 220*/USD 244*/person
  • Single:       IDR 5.250.000/EUR 350*/USD 389*

  • Flight ticket Manado – Kao (Tobelo) and return
  • Car transfer Kao (Tobelo) airport – Weda Resort and return


Including  4×4 car, driver and guide:

PRICES FOR BIRDING, PER CAR (not per person), includes guide/driver/assistent.
Half day, 05.00 – 12.00 1.500.000 100 110
Full day, 05.00 – 12.00 and 15.00 – 20.00 2.700.000 180 200

Rental Svarowski 10×50 hd binoccular:  IDR 300.000/ EUR 20*/ USD 22*/day.

An alternative for bird watching by car, is going by motorbike (for a single person only and your birding guide will be driving the motorbike) the price per person for a full day is IDR 900.000/EUR 60*/USD 67* and IDR 600.000/EUR 40*/USD 44* for a half day.

Hiking is also a nice way to enjoy the nature and birds here. You will enjoy it probably even more with one of our guides: half day trip IDR 400.000 per group.


It is cheaper for you and easier for us, if you book your dives in advance. Not used pre-booked dives can be refunded for 50% or – whenever possible – be exchanged with one of our other programs. In the diving rates are included 1 tank per dive, weights, boat and guide. Dive equipment is not included but can be rented if booked in advance.

1 day with 1 boat day-dive 735.000 49 54
1 day with 2 boat day-dives 1.050.000 70 77
1 day with 3 boat day-dives 1.500.000 100 110
1 night dive 600.000 40 44
1 day with 1 boat day-dive 825.000 55 61
1 day with 2 boat day-dives 1.185.000 79 88
1 day with 3 boat day-dives 1.725.000 115 127
1 night dive 600.000 40 44


If you want to charter a private boat with a guide, for you alone or for you and your buddies, the price is IDR 1.500.000/EUR 100*/USD 110*) per day per boat (not per person), on top of the price of the number of dives you booked.

Depending on availability it might be possible to arrange a private boat and pay for the extras while you are at the resort.

Information about the dive schedule and conditions/season can be found on our Diving page


Snorkeling trip (half day) to two different sites: IDR 600.000/EUR 40*/USD 44*/person minimum 2 guests on the boat (divers or snorkelers).


We bring you up-river by car, to the point where you enter the kayaks. You descend the river through the forest and mangroves. The trip by sit-on-top kayak takes about 4 – 5 hours. Price per two people IDR 1.500.000/EUR 100*/USD 110*. A rental kayak to explore the coast of Weda Bay costs IDR 150.000/EUR 10*/USD 11* for two hours, per person.

RENTAL DIVE EQUIPMENT – Rental equipment has to be booked in advance PRICE/DAY(IDR/EUR*/USD*)
Complete set: Top model weight integrated Seaquest BCD-Jacket, Aqualung Regulator set, Bare 5/4 full suit, Mask, Fins & Booties.   185.000  /  12,50   /  13,75
BCD Jacket   65.000    /  4,50     /   5
Breathing Regulator   60.000    /  4,00     /   5,5
Dive Suit   35.000    /  2,50     /   3
Fins & Booties   20.000    /  1,50     /   2
Mask and Snorkel   30.000    /  2,00     /   2,5
Dive Computer   45.000    /  3,00     /   3,5
Signal Buoy   15.000    /  1,00     /   1
Weight Belt   7000       /  0,50     /   0,5
Divers Knife   20.000    /  1,50     /   2
Dive Light   65.000    /  4,50     /   5,5
Backup Light   50.000    /  3,50     /   4

*The prices on our websites can be subject to changes, without prior notice. The prices on our website are in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). The prices mentioned in EUR* and USD* are only an indication to help you to quickly estimate the costs and are calculated on the exchange rate of 15 August 2015: 1 EUR @ 15000 IDR and 1 USD @ 13500 IDR. For the actual currency rate of the EUR or USD, please visit : BankMandiri Exchange Rates and search under “BUY”.